Resort vacationing in the Charlevoix region

Equal to Charlevoix’s reputation for resort vacationing, Baie-Saint-Paul is renowned for its hospitality and full range of cultural and visitor attractions. Its rich heritage, typical architecture and countless attractions seduce and inspire, as do the beauty and luminosity of its landscapes. A reputed artists’ paradise, Baie-Saint-Paul presents as a mosaic where nature, art and culture exist in harmony, which is why it was awarded the title of Cultural Capital of Canada.

A natural kingdom for salmon fishing and superlative scenery

A fabulous salmon river runs through Baie-Saint-Paul’s downtown core ‒ the Gouffre River and its 100 numbered freshwater salmon pools, some of which are located off the tip of the property. Most offer dryland fishing and catches are sometimes impressive, with fish weighing up to 10 or 12 kg.

Along the St. Lawrence River shoreline, explore the beach and Sainte-Anne wetlands, a natural site of exceptional beauty where the seashore meets the prairies, beaches and forests. A choice location for birders, as every spring and fall majestic migratory birds use the waterfront for their seasonal stopover.

To the north, the tall Laurentian mountain range carves a path across the landscape, to the tip of the Charlevoix crater. In 1988, this unusual geomorphological specificity earned the region UNESCO World Biosphere status, with Baie-Saint-Paul named as an Inhabited World Biosphere Zone.

A fabulous network of four-season, multi-level recreational trails can be enjoyed year-round, offering impressive views of Charlevoix and its breathtaking scenery. The following trailheads are located in and around Baie-Saint-Paul: Sentier du Gouffre, 7.4 km; Sentier Les Florent, 18.2 km and Sentier La Rémy, 1.1 km.

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